Stud Poker is a type of Poker where each player gets a combination of face-down and face-up cards. Stud games are also usually called non-positional games. It means that the player who first bets on every round may vary. It is often the player that has the best face-up cards for the game.


Hole-cards refer to the cards dealt face-down to each player. It is where people got the common English expression “ace in the hole.”

Stud Poker variants

Stud Poker, like other Dewa Poker games, has several variants. Here are some of the common ones.


This game is also called “48.” It is a seven-card Stud Poker variant that begins when all players receive four downcards. Each player will then discard one, then pick one from the remaining three to turn face-up. It leaves two cards down and one up. The game continues like the eight-or-better high-low stud.

English Stud

It refers to a vague number of games. The most common of them include a six-card stud played 1-4-1 with a twist. It is also called the six-card option or London Lowball. It is a seven-card stud game with twist rounds of the sixth street and seventh street.


This one is another seven-card stud. It is a game where the high hand splits the pot with the highest-ranking spade player. Little Chicago or Southside is another variation of this game. It is where the lowest-ranking spade player splits the pot.

Option Alley

This game is a five-card stud played high-low split with an extra twist round.

Seven-Card Flip

In this game, each player gets four face-down cards. Then they will pick two of those to turn up. They will turn all cards one by one after everyone has chosen. At this point, the game continues like how you play the standard seven-card stud.

Cowpie Poker

This game is like the usual seven-card stud. But only up to the seventh street bet. The remaining players then split their hands into a two-hand card and a five-hand card. The five-hand card must outrank the two-hand card. The two-hand card must also have at least one downcard. Then, there is one more betting round after the split. After that comes the showdown. Upon showdown, the winning five-hand card and the two-hand card will split the pot. The name of this game is a pun for Pai Gow.

Show Hand

This one is not a typical game, but HongKong gambling films often show this. It is like a five-card stud with players having the highest cards deciding if they will check or raise. If the player with the highest card only checks, it will continue to the next streets. The betting at the last round after dealing the river becomes unlimited. The last dealt card in Show Hand Poker is always face-down. Players will choose from one or two cards to reveal to other players. This type of Poker often has a time limit on betting and making checks.

Dr. Pepper

This game is a type of Stud Poker where 10s, 2s, and 4s are wild cards. The name is from the original Dr. Pepper’s Advertisements in the 1920s. “Drink a Bite to Eat 10, 2, and 4 o’clock.”